Terms of use

General terms and conditions of the online store they are compiled in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act (ZVPot), the Personal Data Protection Act (ZVOP-1) and the Electronic Communications Act (ZEKom-1).

The company ELPEC - trgovina in storitve, d.o.o. (hereinafter the company and / or the seller) guarantees to the buyers of e-bikes that the e-bike was professionally inspected in accordance with the law and the requirements of the manufacturer before they were taken over by the service technician.

It provides buyers of new e-bikes with a 24-month warranty valid in the territory of the Republic of Slovenia.

Warranty issuer ensures:

  • for the characteristics and flawless operation of the e-bike within the warranty period, which begins with its delivery to the consumer,
  • that the e-bike will work flawlessly during the warranty period if the user follows the instructions for its use,
  • that the e-bike has the prescribed quality characteristics, which are described in the instructions for its use,
  • to pay for the repair of the e-bike due to a material defect and / or assembly defect and the cost of transport by the cheapest public transport to his nearest workshop and / or an authorized repairer,
  • that the e-bike will be replaced with a new one if it is not repaired in its service workshop and / or at authorized repairers within 45 days from the day of reporting the defect within the warranty period. If the seller does not have the new e-bike in stock within the same category, brand and frame size, he can return the amount paid to the buyer in full at his request. The customer's rights expire after two years from the day he requested free debugging or replacement of the e-bike with a new one,
  • to extend the warranty period for the duration of the e-bike repair,
  • for repair, maintenance and spare parts for frame and equipment for a further three years after the expiration of the warranty period.

The guarantor does not grant a guarantee to the buyer in the following cases:

  • for defects caused by the fault of the customer due to improper maintenance,
  • if the customer acted carelessly or unprofessionally with the e-bike,
  • for parts and means that are subject to normal maintenance of the e-bike (regular lubrication of all its moving parts),
  • if the e-bike is repaired by an unauthorized service technician,
  • if the e-bike has a non-original spare part or accessories that affect the functionality and operation of the e-bike,
  • if the E-bike is overloaded,
  • if the e-bike is physically damaged,
  • if the buyer does not have a valid or correctly completed warranty card on the faultless operation of the e-bike when asserting a complaint and / or if he does not submit a copy of the seller's invoice. 

Warranty procedure:

  • the buyer of an e-bike on which a defect or malfunction occurs within the valid warranty period, delivers the e-bike to the service workshop and / or dealer's shop and / or its authorized repairer together with a properly completed warranty card on e-bike operation and a copy of the seller's invoice ,
  • The e-bike must be clean and ready for repair before it is delivered,
  • the dealer's service workshop and / or an authorized repairer will rectify any material and / or installation defects at the expense of the manufacturer and / or dealer.

The warranty does not exclude the buyer's rights arising from the seller's liability for defects in the E-bike.

Buyers of used e-bikes are provided with an "ELPEC eBikes 12-month warranty" on the components of each used e-bike powertrain and is valid in the territory of the Republic of Slovenia.

Components included in warranty:

1. Motor:

  • Belt (Brose drive assembly: replacement in case of wear),
  • Main bearing (replacement in case the engine makes louder sounds during operation),
  • Smaller bearings (replacement in case of slow ingress of water and dirt into the engine),
  • Bearing seals (replacement in case of further ingress of water and dirt into the engine),
  • Speed sensor,
  • Speed magnet.

If the seller's service technician finds that the customer or any other person has intervened in the used e-bike engine (in case of opening due to engine capacity 45 km / h), the warranty does not apply.

 2. Battery:

  • Battery,
  • Charging socket,
  • Charging cable,
  • Connecting motor cable

The warranty covers battery operation, not hardware components (battery connectors, damaged speed sensors). If the battery does not work, the seller tries to restore it first, if it is not possible to replace it, replace it with a new one. The buyer can replace the original battery with a new one with a more powerful capacity when the warranty against payment is enforced. The seller is not responsible for the decrease in battery capacity.

3. Display:

  • Display,
  • Control unit,
  • Connecting cable,
  • Battery of the display (Purion).

In the event that the display on a used E-bike is replaced with a factory new one, it is covered by the manufacturer's warranty.

Components not included in warranty:

1. Motor:

  • Lights
  • Light cables
  • Drive unit housing
  • Front sporcket

2. Battery:

  • Charging socket cover,
  • Rubber adapters,
  • Integrated battery: mounting plates, battery holders, lock module,
  • Cable for double battery in case of upgrade,
  • Lock and key.

3. Display:

  • Display holder,
  • Display mask. 

Warranty claim conditions:

  • The first free service of a used e-bike after 300 km or 2 months after the purchase of a used e-bike from the seller,
  • Regular service performed after 1,500 km driven or within 12 months from the purchase of a used E-bike from the seller,
  • Service the powertrain only at the dealer.

Note: The entered dates of free and regular services are shown in the seller's service book.

Buyers can read more about this in the "General Terms and Conditions of ELPEC eBikes 12-month warranty", issued by the seller on 01.01.2021 and available on the website: www.elpec.si. Articles 6, 7 and 8 specify the obligations of the buyer, the rights and obligations of the seller and the procedure in the event of a fault in the powertrain of a used e-bike. 

Regular maintenance of the e-bike is crucial for a safe and comfortable ride. ZWith regular inspections and services by authorized repairers, we can significantly extend the life of its individual components and consequently the e-bike as a whole. Therefore, the company provides all e-bike buyers with the first free service after 300 km or after 2 months of purchase (the first criterion is met). At the same time, it recommends regular service intervals for every 1,500 km driven or at least one service visit per year

When purchasing an e-bike, all customers receive a "Service Booklet" for the smooth operation of the e-bike.

Access to information

The seller undertakes to provide the buyer with the following information before being bound by the contract or offer:

  • information about Elpec d.o.o. (name and registered office of the company, registration number, VAT ID),
  • contact information that enables the user to communicate quickly and efficiently (e-mail, telephone),
  • offer and label of items,
  • online order and sales contract,
  • prices, which must be clearly and unambiguously set and must show clearly whether they already include taxes and transport costs and other charges, and the period of validity of this information,
  • terms of delivery of items and method, place and deadline of delivery,
  • the method of payment and delivery or completion, and the period of validity of this information,
  • time validity of the offer,
  • the period within which it is possible to withdraw from the contract and the conditions for withdrawal (description of the right of withdrawal in accordance with Article 43c ZVPot; in cases where the consumer has no right of withdrawal in accordance with Article 43c ZVPot, he is explicitly informed) ,
  • an explanation of the complaint procedure, including all details of the contact person or customer service.


ELPEC d.o.o. Data

With the online store ELPEC, trade and services, d.o.o. (hereinafter also referred to as "trade") is managed by the company:

ELPEC, trgovina in storitve, d.o.o.
Letališka cesta 1, 1000 Ljubljana
E-mail: info@elpec.si
Phone: +386 51 652 194
Company ID: 8395993000
VAT ID: SI21569410

Registration authority: District Court of Ljubljana, 19 March 2019, SRG entry of the subject 2019/10640

The company (hereinafter also the seller) is also a provider of e-commerce services.

The General Terms and Conditions determine the operation of its online store, the rights and obligations of the user and the seller, and regulate the business relationship between the seller and the buyer. The General Terms and Conditions also regulate individual rules of purchase at the company's collection points.

The online customer (hereinafter also the customer) is bound by the general conditions in force at the time of purchase (placing an online order). When placing an order, the customer is always reminded of the general terms and conditions and confirms his acquaintance with them by placing an order. The General Terms and Conditions are also available at the company's headquarters.

Contact information

If customers need general information or assistance about the seller's online offer, use of the online store, online orders, online delivery or returns, they can contact the phone number and / or e-mail address below or obtain the desired information from sales staff in specialty stores:

Phone: +386 51 652 194

Vendor's specialty stores and their opening hours:


Letališka cesta 1, 1000 Ljubljana
T: +386 51 652 194
E: ljubljana@elpec.si

1. Summer opening times (od 1.3. do 30.11.):

  • Mon. - Fri.: od 9.00 do 19.00,
  • Sat.: od 9.00 do 15.00,
  • Sundays and holidays closed.

2. Winter opening times (od 1.12. do 28./29.2.):

  • Mon. - Fri.: od 10.00 do 18.00,
  • Sat.: od 9.00 do 13.00,
  • Sundays and holidays closed.


Prvomajska cesta 26, 2000 Maribor,
T: +386 41 458 262
E: maribor@elpec.si

1. Summer opening times (od 1.3. do 30.11.):

  • Mon. - Fri.: od 9.00 do 19.00,
  • Sat.: od 9.00 do 15.00,
  • Sundays and holidays closed.

2. Winter opening times (od 1.12. do 28./29.2.):

  • Mon. - Fri.: od 10.00 do 18.00,
  • Sat.: od 9.00 do 13.00,
  • Sundays and holidays closed.


Center e-koles ŠEMPETER
Tovarniška cesta 23, 3311 Šempeter v Savinjski dolini
T: +386 31 717 994
E: sempeter@elpec.si

1. Summer opening times (od 1.3. do 30.11.):

  • Mon. - Fri.: od 9.00 do 16.00,
  • Weekends, Sundays and holidays closed.

2. Winter opening times (od 1.12. do 28./29.2.):

  • Mon. - Fri.: od 10.00 do 16.00,
  • Weekends, Sundays and holidays closed.

Offer and item labeling

Due to the nature of online business, the seller's online store offer is frequently updated and changed. The price in the Elpec online store is shown as the price for an individual item and applies to all its users.

Item labeling:

  • An item marked "Novelty" is a newly added item to the online store offer. He will be exposed to this label for a minimum of 14 days and a maximum of 2 months,
  • An item marked "Promotional item" has an additional reduced price compared to the price valid until the stock of this item is sold out. The percentage of reduction is stated next to the item,
  • An item marked "Sale" has an additional reduced price compared to the online price valid until the sale of stock of this item. The percentage of reduction is stated next to the item,
  • Item marked "Sold out" is no longer available. This means that the item will no longer be available,
  • An item marked "Best offer of the day" is a specially reduced price of an item valid for a period of 24 hours (from 0:00 to 23:59 that day) for certain items that are marked with a discount in the online offer and are valid until stocks run out. Next to the item, there is a percentage of reduction compared to the regular price and the best offer - the price of the day,
  • Item labeled "Not in stock"is currently not deliverable. This means it is not available neither in our warehouse, neither at our suppliers.
  • An item marked "Last piece" is the last piece of this item in stock in the seller's online and / or central warehouse, which enables faster delivery of the item.

Online ordering and sales contract

By placing an online order, the customer confirms that he agrees with the general terms and conditions and unconditionally accepts them in full. The sales contract between Elpec d.o.o. and customers in the Elpec online store at the time when Elpec d.o.o. sends the customer the first e-mail about the status of his order. From this moment on, all prices and other conditions are fixed and apply to Elpec d.o.o. as for the customer. The customer is the person with the information as stated when placing the order. It is not possible to change customer data later.

The sales contract (i.e. the first electronic message on the status of the order) is stored in electronic form on the server of Elpec d.o.o. and is available to the consumer at any time, at his written request.

Item prices and delivery

All listed prices of items in the seller's online store include value added tax (VAT). The prices of items do not include transport costs in the case of delivery of goods to the desired address of the buyer. Prices are valid at the time of placing the order and do not have a predetermined validity. They are subject to change without prior notice to the seller. They apply in the case of payment in the next point of payment methods and under the above conditions.

The buyer can pick up the ordered goods in person at any specialized store of the seller at the time of opening the specialized store, if he therefore expresses an interest in ordering the goods. In such cases, when the ordered goods are ready for collection, the seller notifies the buyer via e-mail. In the case of delivery of goods to the desired address of the buyer, the seller strives for the fastest possible delivery of the ordered goods. Delivery of the ordered goods is carried out by the deadline specified on the website of the product itself, under the stock status of the product "In stock". In the event that the buyer has ordered an item that due to unforeseen reasons the seller cannot ship within the promised time, the buyer is notified of the new delivery time via the provided contact information.>

The seller delivers the goods to the desired address of the buyer in cooperation with the companies "Mail Boxes ETC.Slovenija", Slovenska vas 4c, 8261 Jesenice na Dolenjskem and General Logistics Systems, logistične storitve d.o.o., Cesta v Prod 84, 1000 Ljubljana. during weekends, the delivery period is extended for non-working days, and if the buyer is not at home at the time of delivery, he can pick up the ordered products from the specified company and / or in the seller's specialized store.

Costs of regular delivery:

1. Slovenia:

  • e-bike: free delivery nationwide
  • package delivery: € 3.90 / package or free delivery throughout the country in the case of orders over € 50.

2. EU:

  • e-bike: free delivery to any EU Member State,
  • Package delivery: € 9.90 / package or free delivery in case of an order over € 150.

3. Other European countries*:

  • e-bike: 390 € / bike,
  • Parcel delivery:

* Note: The price list for delivery to other European countries to which the company exports e-bikes can be seen in Annex 1.

Methods of payment and invoicing

The Elpec online store provides customers with the following payment methods:

1)     Cash payment in case of personal collection of ordered goods in any e-Wheels center of the seller,

2)     Payment by credit or debit cards:

  • Visa, MasterCard®, Diners, American Express

In the case of payment by credit or credit card, the following conditions apply:

  • the payer must be the same person or organization as the owner of the payment or credit card,
  • in the case of payment by debit or credit card, customers must first check with their bank whether the card with which they want to pay is enabled for online payment,

More about the Bankart system, customers can see at the web address http://www.bankart.si/si/ponudba/procesiranje-prometa-placilnih-kartic/

If necessary, customers can contact the Bankart Contact Center for help with the use of cards at the following telephone number: (01) 583 41 83. In order to ensure the highest level of payment security, payment and / or credit card issuers control the authenticity of transactions. In the event of suspected abuse, any such transaction shall be handed over to the competent anti-abuse authorities without prior notice.

  • after confirmation of receipt of the order it is not possible to change the content of the order or. the final amount of the contract, except exceptionally with the approval of the director of Elpec d.o.o.

3)     Proforma invoice payment,

  • when customers confirm their order, they will automatically receive a proforma invoice in pdf format via e-mail,
  • after receiving the transfer to the seller's bank account, the buyer's order goes to processing. 

4)     Installment payments with Leanpay or Summit Leasing

Through specialized companies Leanpay, finančne storitve, d.o.o., Bravničarjeva ulica 13, 1000 Ljubljana and Summit Leasing Slovenija, d.o.o., Flajšmanova ulica 3, 1000 Ljubljana, the company also enables its customers to pay in installments and interest-free loans in accordance with their business policy.

5)     Payment with ELPEC gift certificates *.

* ELPEC Gift Certificates: is a statement issued by the seller against payment in printed form. Each gift voucher is marked with its own code (unique serial number) and can be purchased at any specialized e-Wheels dealer center with cash on delivery, debit or credit card. The validity of the gift voucher is unlimited, unless otherwise stated on the voucher. Trade a gift voucher for cash is not possible. The voucher is redeemable only in the full amount. In the event that the value of the purchase is higher than the value of the gift voucher, the holder of the gift voucher must pay the difference. The total value of the items must be € 1 higher than the value of the gift certificate. With a gift certificate, customers can pay the total amount of items, but not delivery costs. In case of a larger order of gift vouchers, customers can send their inquiry to info@elpec.si. In this case, the option of purchase is based on payment by proforma invoice issued by the seller.

In the case of placing an online order of the buyer and his personal acceptance of the ordered goods in any specialized center of the e-Wheels of the seller, the latter is obliged to accept it as a means of payment.

Inovice issuing

In the case of personal collection of the buyer at the collection point in one of the specialized centers of the seller's e-Wheels, the buyer receives a printed invoice for the purchased items upon receipt. In the case of delivery of goods to the desired address of the buyer, the seller encloses an invoice to the buyer upon delivery of the ordered items.

The price of each ordered item and all costs related to the purchase are broken down on the seller's invoice issued. The buyer is obliged to check the correctness of the data before placing the order. Subsequent objections regarding the correctness of the invoices issued are not taken into account by the seller.

ELPEC eBikes club membership

The salesperson, in cooperation with partner companies, accelerates its sales in such a way that their employees receive special benefits from its personalized offer.

To this end, the seller and the partner company sign an "Agreement on the General Terms and Conditions of the Seller".

Interested employees in the partner company must register on the seller's website www.elpec.si: Navigation> in the foot: ELPEC eBikes club and / or Navigation> Contact> ELPEC E-EBIKES - REGISTRATION.

Upon successful registration, employees become full legal members of the ELPEC eBikes Club and receive all the benefits of the seller's personalized offer to the partner company.

Online purchase steps:

Order and place a customer order

A buyer should first register as a user, login with their login credentials and than make a pruchase, or checkout as a "guest".

The customer then selects the desired product in the online store of the seller and confirms the purchase by clicking on the "Add product to cart" icon. If this is the only item he wanted to buy, click on the "Go to cart" icon and continue the shopping journey to the order form by selecting the "Cashier" button. If he wants to add a new one to the original selected product, he selects a new one from the product portfolio, clicks on the “Add to cart” icon and thus adds the selected product to the shopping cart. In this step, the customer enters the discount code, if available. He selects the "Cashier" button to continue the purchase, but must first agree to the terms of use. When he selects the desired option, an order form is displayed in the online store. Step 1 of the form is to enter customer data. If the customer has created a new account or used an existing one, he can select the already proposed data. In case of purchase as a guest, enter them. Step 2 is the choice of delivery. The customer can also select the "Delivery address is the same as the user's address" window. If the delivery address differs from the address given in step 1, the customer enters a new address. Shipping costs vary by country. The buyer can also pick up the products in person at one of the e-Wheel centers of the seller. Item 3 is payment. The buyer can choose between cash payment or payment with ELPEC gift vouchers (if he is a gift voucher holder) in case of personal collection of ordered goods in any e-Wheels center of the seller, payment by payment cards, payment on the seller's bank account based on his issued proforma invoice. installment payment through Leanpay and Summit Leasing and through financial services provider PayPal (see point 1.8 Payment methods). In step 4, an overview of the order is displayed and by selecting the "Submit order" button, you place the order and complete the online shopping. Buyers can report errors, corrections or additions to the online order by e-mail to: info@elpec.si or by phone: +386 51 652 194. In the case of a successful online order, customers will receive a confirmation and summary of the order at their e-mail address. If they do not receive this or do not see the text in the e-mail and / or their order number is not displayed on the screen, it means that there was either a technical error or incorrectly entered data. In this case, buyers must repeat the process or contact the seller for assistance. 

Confirmation of the online order of the buyer by the seller and shipment of goods

Normally, after two hours from the receipt of the order in the queue (maximum 72 hours), the seller reviews the order and, if necessary, may reject it with good reason. In case of ambiguity, the seller reserves the right to call the buyer on his contact telephone number or contact him by e-mail, if necessary.

In the case of delivery of the goods to the desired address of the buyer, the seller guarantees that he will pack the goods within the promised time and send them to the buyer through the contracting carrier - delivery.

The buyer's right to withdraw from the purchase and return the goods

In accordance with the applicable legislation, the customer has the option to withdraw from the contract without giving a reason and return the product within 14 days of purchase or receipt of the product. The possibility of withdrawing from the contract is intended so that customers can open the product from the packaging and inspect it, and if it does not suit them or their expectations were different, they can withdraw from the purchase.

Buyers can download the electronic form for withdrawal from the contract from the seller's website, aor send any unambiguous statement from which it is clear that they are withdrawing from the contract to the web address: info@elpec.si. V In this case, the seller shall immediately send the buyer an e-mail acknowledgment of receipt of such withdrawal form. The buyer is considered to have submitted the withdrawal statement in a timely manner if he sends it within the time limit set for withdrawal from the contract. The buyer must enclose a copy of the invoice or other relevant document.

If the buyer has already received the goods and withdraws from the contract, he must return it immediately or no later than 14 days after notification of withdrawal from the contract to the seller's headquarters. The buyer is considered to have returned the goods on time if he sends them before the expiration of the 14-day return period. In this case, the buyer bears the cost of returning the goods and cannot demand reimbursement from the seller of these and additional costs incurred in connection with the return.

In the event of withdrawal from the contract, the seller returns the purchase price to the buyer within 14 days of receiving his withdrawal statement. The seller returns the received payment to the buyer on his transaction account (TRR). The seller has the right to withhold the refund until the returned goods are accepted or until proof is provided that the buyer has sent the product to the seller.

Customers can return the purchased goods in the online store in two ways:

  • the purchased goods are sent together with the invoice and all related documentation to the address of the online store: Letališka cesta 1, 1000 Ljubljana and / or specialized stores to which the goods were sold or delivered,
  • with the purchased goods, at their own expense, they report in person to any specialized store in Slovenia and return the purchased goods together with the accompanying documentation.

Buyers are responsible for any reduction in the value of the goods if the decrease in value is due to conduct that is not necessarily necessary to determine the nature, characteristics and performance of the purchased goods.

Limitation of liability

The seller guarantees that he does his best to ensure the up-to-dateness and accuracy of the information published in his online store. Nevertheless, the characteristics of items, delivery times or prices of items may change so quickly that the company fails to update them promptly. In such a case, the seller will notify the buyer of the changes and allow him to withdraw from the contract or replace the ordered item.

Complaints and disputes

The seller ensures that it complies with all applicable legislation governing consumer protection and strives to the best of its ability to fulfill its duty to ensure an effective system for handling customer complaints.

In case of any problems, buyers can contact the seller by phone at  +386 51 652 194 or by e-mail at: info@elpec.si. The seller warrants to the buyer that the procedure for handling his complaint is confidential.

Competent staff in ELPEC, d.o.o. will decide on the appeal as soon as possible or at the latest within 8 days of receiving all the documentation required for the assessment. The company will send the customer a response to the complaint with appropriate explanations in writing to the customer's contact address, in most cases to his email address.

If the customer does not agree with the company's response, he has the right to file an objection. In this case, the company will send the decision on the objection with appropriate explanations in writing to the customer's contact address within 15 working days. This completes the company's decision and completes the internal appeal procedure. The company strives to the best of its ability to resolve any disputes amicably.

If the buyer is not satisfied with the resolution of the appeal, he can file a lawsuit in the competent court. In the case of resolving a dispute before a court, the court with jurisdiction over the permanent residence of the buyer.

Out-of-court settlement of consumer disputes

In accordance with legal norms, the seller does not recognize any provider of out-of-court settlement of consumer disputes as competent for resolving consumer disputes that could be initiated by the consumer in accordance with the Out-of-Court Settlement of Consumer Disputes Act.

The seller, who as a provider of goods and services enables its online store in the territory of the Republic of Slovenia, publishes on its website an electronic link to the platform for online resolution of consumer disputes (SRPS). The said regulation derives from the Out-of-Court Settlement of Consumer Disputes Act, Regulation (EU) no. Regulation (EC) No 524/2013 of the European Parliament and of the Council on online settlement of consumer disputes and amending Regulation (EC) No 2016/2004 and Directive 2009/22 / EC.

The platform is available to consumers below at:


Annex 1: Price list for delivery to other European countries to which the company exports e-bikes