Malaguti Bicycles | ELPEC eBikes
24. junij 2022

Malaguti Bicycles | ELPEC eBikes

In the last few years, there has been a great interest of larger motorcycling companies (KTM, Husqvarna ...) in deciding to enter the e-cycling market. A large amount of experience, good relations with suppliers and a large financial background enable them to develop quickly and efficiently. A similar story was chosen by Malaguti Bicycles, whose e-bikes adorn our shelves. Many people who first hear the name Malaguti quickly associate it with the Italian engine manufacturer. The year before last, they opened a new segment in the company, which creates e-bikes in cooperation with the German company Corratec and Bosch eBike systems. In addition to the logo, e-bikes and motorcycles share the design, quality and atmosphere they want to conjure up. They themselves describe this atmosphere as "The Spirit of Bologna".

The beginnings of the Malaguti company

To our own surprise, researching the company's history revealed that Malaguti initially produced bicycles until 1958. The slogan The Spirit of Bologna originates from the company's birthplace, where Italian mechanic Antonio Malaguti opened a small workshop. Initially, they were engaged in the resale and repair of bicycles, but later they switched to the production of bicycles. Antonio was also a passionate cyclist himself, which greatly influenced the development and existence of the brand. Later, Malaguti completely turned his attention to the world of motorcycling. On the occasion of the ninetieth anniversary of the company, they decided to revive the spirit of their founder with a new segment of electric bicycles - Malaguti Bicycles.

Malaguti Bicycles Collection

German engineering and Italian design are key elements of Malaguti’s new e-bike collection. Already in their first year on the market, they presented a fairly extensive line of bicycles that cover the needs of users well. So you can find Malaguti e-bikes both in the city and in the hills and somewhere in between. The entire collection is equipped with Bosch powertrains.

Bolonina in Pescarola

Designed to drive around the city, they allow the driver a comfortable upright posture. As befits, they are equipped with fenders and lights for a safer and cleaner ride. The rear wheel also has an integrated trunk.

Bolonina is our bike in 2021. With a special price, we have provided our loyal customers with an extremely affordable entry-level bike, with a proven Bosch drivetrain. The 400Wh external battery, which is nicely integrated into the design of the bike and the engine with an output torque of 40Nm, is able to cope with all the obstacles we encounter in the city and its surroundings.

Pescarola received an upgrade in battery capacity to 625Wh in the new calendar year. Pescarola is a higher-performance form of Bologna e-bike, the battery is integrated here into the e-bike frame. The wheel output is 50Nm. Both wheels are equipped with spring-loaded seat supports for a more comfortable ride.

Cortina in Carezza

Finding views, reaching new unimaginable distances and conquering new peaks is the meaning of trekking. More powerful engine, higher battery capacity and slightly more sporty, but still comfortable posture.

Carezza hides a 500Wh battery powered by a motor with 85Nm of torque. Fenders, trunk and lights are included in a rather attractive package for exploring nature.

Cortina boasts an integrated 750 Wh battery that is hard to discharge and a Bosch 85 Nm Performance Line CX engine. With this bike, a real destination is not too far away. Both bikes exist in two versions: with a low and high upper tube tube.


Are you called by forest trails, new peaks, tea at the top of the climb?

Brenta jis a front-mounted Malaguti e-bike. It represents the cross-country bike segment. The 625Wh battery and 85Nm Performance Line CX engine will hardly let you down. Clean lines and white design catch the eye of many. Especially at the top of the climb, which is barely doable with a regular bike.


Brenta seems interesting to you, but on the way down you like to turn over some root or stone. Then it makes sense to check the full-suspension bike. The Civetta bike represents the "All-mountain" segment of the collection and has two versions:

Civetta FS 6.0 junior member of the Malaguti mountain family has a 500Wh battery with a Performance Line CX motor, the rise is not a problem in short. Sunitur takes care of the suspension and the Shimano 10-speed transmission for proven and predictable gear changes.

Civetta FS 6.1 mid-range family has a slightly larger battery with 625 Wh. The suspension is provided by RockShox. When choosing the brakes and drivetrain, they decided on a proven option - Shimano. We have spent quite some time on this bike lately and we can say that it works great on the trails of Ljubljana's Golovec.

Superiore LTD

Enduro machine, head of the Malaguti mountain bike family.

Superior LTD - they didn’t really dwell on equipping Superiore LTD. Golden Kashima seatpost, fork and rear spring. XT drivetrain and brakes are the gold standard of the industry. Needless to say, it is equipped with the best that Bosch has to offer - Performance Line Cx and PowerTube 625.