Bosch Smart System | ELPEC eBikes
24. junij 2022

Bosch Smart System | ELPEC eBikes

Bosch is entering the new year with a renewed vision. It introduces the new Smart System, which brings a whole new dimension to e-cycling. The new system is aimed at better and safer interaction of the rider with the entire drivetrain and means synchronous interaction of the system. The all-new system has only one drawback - components made in the Smart System series are not compatible with older components. However, the new system is based on a different communication between the components, thus unlocking new possibilities in terms of safety and driving quality that were not previously available to us.

The new Smart System consists of a new LED remote control, a new Kiox 300 display, a revamped Performance Line CX engine, a new PowerTube 750 battery and a new 4A Charger: Quick power charger. The new Flow App gives us an overview and the ability to manage the entire Smart System.

LED Remote

Less is more, the new Remote LED boasts a compact and ergonomic design. It hides everything that needs to be at our fingertips while driving.

Easy interaction: Large displays with a huge amount of information can be a distraction while driving. The new LED Remote unit provides you with essential information easily and quickly, which contributes to the safety of riding an e-bike. The LED light controller tells you the battery level with a color pattern. The brightness of the controller and LED lights are adapted for carefree use in bright sunshine. Driving modes are also colored with a color code, so it is easier and faster to detect in which program you are driving.

Smart connectivity: The new system offers us much more configurability. The base unit is a LED Remote and not a display, as it used to be. The controller has built-in Bluetooth and a diagnostic input. So we can connect it to the Flow App app for the best control over the system. The new Kiox 300 display then connects to the LED Remote and draws information from there. This new system of component interaction makes compatibility with older Bosch product series impossible.

Smart Walk Assist: The extra weight of the e-bike can make steep segments of the route where it is no longer possible to cycle quite challenging. The Smart Walk Assist function comes to your aid here and drives the bike at the pace of your walk. The feature often comes in handy for mountain e-cyclists.

Ergonomic design: Excessive palm movement to reach the button on your controller is questionable for safety. The new LED Remote design ensures that all functions are easily at your fingertips. Better adjustment is provided and the display matches the brake and shift levers better.

Durability: Thanks to the built-in "long-life battery" in LED Remot, you can be carefree on your long adventures. In case the battery needs to be replaced, it is replaced by a specialized cycling center (also ELPEC eBikes).

Kiox 300

Smaller unit, but with more options. With the new Kiox 300 display, they wanted to offer e-cyclists an intuitive device that offers them the information they want, but the e-cyclist doesn't mind.

A more fun experience: Admittedly, no matter how much fun cycling is, sometimes we still need that extra push, motivation. The new Kiox unit gives us an overview of our physical fitness data. In this way, we can monitor our progress and set new goals. The platform is quite fresh, so we can expect even more interesting upgrades.

Smart design for easy reading: The new display adapts to light conditions, so it is optimally readable during the day and also at night. The interaction is quite simple, due to the visual color effects. Robustness and dust and water intrusion prevention are also taken care of.

Support: Display provides us with information that we would otherwise search the web for. The Walk Assist activation function and process is now clearly presented in the display. To make it easier to manage the driving programs on the trip, the display shows you the range of the e-bike in a given driving mode / program.

Optional positioning: The handlebars are like fittings in a car, each one adjusts it a bit. The new display holder allows personal positioning of the unit.

Performance Line CX

The most proven and used drive when we need the right power. The new version of the Performance Line CX does not offer us torque, as we no longer need it. Now the question is how to use these 85 Nm in the way that suits us best. The new sensors allow us to do just that.

No problem uphill: Maximum output torque of 85 Newton meters comes to the fore in mountain e-cycling. It allows us to easily accelerate from narrow bends and past obstacles when our cadence drops slightly. For all the sprinters among us, the engine is also adapted for high cadence climbs.

Intuitive management: The eMTB program is perfectly adapted to changes in the pace of mountain biking. Therefore, it offers us more assistance from a static position and less when we move faster. This makes cycling smoother.

Maximum adjustability: The new sensors allow the user to fully adjust the engine operation. The latest acquisition is a speed sensor built into the engine, ending the headaches with an external sensor on the rear wheel.

ConnectModule: In the future, you will be able to upgrade your Smart System with the Anti-Theft feature. It makes stealing more difficult with warning alarms and a powertrain lock. With the help of the Flow App, you will be able to easily track the e-bike later.

PowerTube 750

New standard, 750 Wh. We often say that with this battery really no place is too far away. With 750 Wh of battery capacity, it actually runs out of limits.

Maximum range: The new battery increases the maximum range by 20% compared to the previous 625Wh version.

New design: Because it's bigger, it's not necessarily less visually appealing and less practical. The new battery is easy to install in the bottom tube.

Reliable energy source:: Long distances, long service life, reliable handling - lithium-ion battery is equipped with a control system, which protects against cell overload.

Easy to operate: Assembling and removing the battery is quite easy for the user.

4A Charger: Quick power

A new system requires a new charger that is more powerful. To avoid mistakes due to incompatibility with the old system, the Smart System has a different charging connector. The charger is 4 amps and charges the battery faster (which is especially important with a 750 Wh battery). The PowerTube 750 with the new charger needs 6 hours to fully charge and 2 hours for 50% battery charge.

Flow App

A new application that makes interacting with Smart System completely easy. It is a mobile application that can be found in the AppStore or Google Play Store. The application allows you to:

Custom driving modes: Eco, Tour, Sport or Turbo - you can adapt to your needs. For example, more help or less energy.

Activity tracking: Capture driving and fitness data while driving that can be imported into the Health app (for iPhone users).

Home screen: Battery level, range, route traveled, next service visit - the full overview of the powertrain can be found on the home screen.

Wireless upgrade: Download new features and upgrades for Smart System components and send them via Bluetooth to the LED Remote, which you later transfer to individual components.