Bosch Nyon - The first really smart e-Bike display? | ELPEC eBikes
24. junij 2022

Bosch Nyon - The first really smart e-Bike display? | ELPEC eBikes

Nowadays, smartphones have become an indispensable part of our lives, as the small device hides almost everything - with them we can take almost professional photos, receive emails, browse the web, communicate through various applications and we have almost forgotten about their basic function - we can also call with it. Of course, this trend has also spread to other areas of technology, such as smartwatches and the like. Recently, Bosch's e-cycling department presented the concept of using the SmartphoneHub, where the entire e-drive assembly manages the e-cyclist's mobile phone. Many cyclists have concerns about attaching their mobile phone to the handlebars of an e-bike for fear of losing their phone.

Bosch presents a new solution - the new Nyon.

The new Nyon allows intuitive and advanced communication with your e-bike. Interaction with the device becomes completely easy, thanks to the touch screen, which is adapted to use with a "swipe finger" (a special material on the pointer of a cycling glove, which makes it easier to use touch screens). The redesigned screen has high resolution and great color contrast for a clearer image. A special anti-reflective coating ensures that the screen does not glare, while allowing the use of polarizing glasses. The connections to the drive system are the same as the previous Kiox, which makes it easy to upgrade.

Individual screens

  • The new Nyon gives you more themed views. You can jump between views with your finger, each view focuses on one set of parameters, so you can choose between:
  • Ride screen - the basic screen we are used to from other models of Bosch displays.
  • Ride data screen - here you can view the current driving data in more detail.
  • Evaluation screen - the first screen that gives you an insight into the usage history of your e-drive.
  • Map screen - a view where you can manage navigation.
  • eMTB screen - a view adapted to mountain biking, which with the help of a built-in inclinometer shows the slope of the ascent / descent and gives the exact altitude.
  • tatus screen - in this view you manage the connection to external devices
  • Custom screen - you can also create your own personalized view
  • Fitness screen - based on the entered biometric data, Nyon calculates the calories burned and the like.
Connectivity and GPS

Built-in GPS allows you to pinpoint your location, which works great in combination with loaded navigation. You can download a map of your region to your display via eBIke CONNECT. In addition, you can plan routes via the app, view the statistics of your e-bike on a larger screen, and it also allows you to set a new driving mode (level).